This protocol has been developed for long-term monitoring of forest and grassland breeding landbird populations within the National Park Service (NPS) Northeast Temperate Network (NETN) as part of the Inventory & Monitoring Program (IM). This protocol is implemented in 11 northeastern U.S. National Parks located within the temperate deciduous forest biome. The sampling design involves a series of point count stations laid out on a systematic grid that is sampled during 10-minute point counts. Data are collected by volunteers. The objective of the monitoring is to detect changes in breeding landbird composition and abundance relative to habitat change resulting from a variety of stressors (e.g., deer herbivory, invasive species, fragmentation, and silvicultural practices) to help guide management actions within NETN parks. More information regarding this protocol can be found by visiting the NETN’s Breeding Landbird Monitoring website (https://www.nps.gov/im/netn/breeding-landbirds.htm) . There you can download the protocol, volunteer materials, reports, maps, and find information on how to contact NETN staff.

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  • The most up to date standardized Level 5 Shared PointCount data can be obtained with an AKN login from this Data Downloader link. To obtain the full data set with all custom fields please contact the study author.

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Author NETN Data Manager (See Abstract)
Maintainer Point Blue Conservation Science
Last Updated September 23, 2020, 04:47 (PDT)
Created March 12, 2018, 16:14 (PDT)
Birds Counted 43289
First Observation Date 2006-05-28
Most Recent Observation Date 2019-06-28
Records at Data Sharing AVAILABLE Level 5 37495
Records at Data Sharing CLEAN 2499
Records at Data Sharing RAW 100
Records at Data Sharing RESTRICTED 82
Species List Acadian Flycatcher,Alder Flycatcher,American Crow,American Goldfinch,American Kestrel,American Redstart,American Robin,American Woodcock,Barred Owl,Baltimore Oriole,Barn Swallow,Black-and-white Warbler,Black-billed Cuckoo,Black-capped Chickadee,Black-crowned Night-Heron,Belted Kingfisher,Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,Brown-headed Cowbird,Blue-headed Vireo,Blackburnian Warbler,Blue Jay,Blackpoll Warbler,Bobolink,Boreal Chickadee,Brown Creeper,Brown Thrasher,Black-throated Blue Warbler,Black-throated Green Warbler,Broad-winged Hawk,Blue-winged Warbler,Canada Goose,Carolina Wren,Canada Warbler,Cedar Waxwing,Cerulean Warbler,Chipping Sparrow,Chimney Swift,Common Grackle,Cooper's Hawk,Common Loon,Common Raven,Common Yellowthroat,Chestnut-sided Warbler,Double-crested Cormorant,Dark-eyed Junco,Downy Woodpecker,Eastern Bluebird,Eastern Kingbird,Eastern Meadowlark,Eastern Phoebe,Eastern Screech-Owl,Eastern Towhee,Eastern Wood-Pewee,European Starling,Fish Crow,Field Sparrow,Great Black-backed Gull,Great Blue Heron,Great Crested Flycatcher,Golden-crowned Kinglet,Great Horned Owl,Gray Catbird,Great Egret,Green Heron,Golden-winged Warbler,Hairy Woodpecker,Herring Gull,Hermit Thrush,House Finch,Hooded Merganser,House Sparrow,Hooded Warbler,Hoffmann's Woodpecker,House Wren,Indigo Bunting,Kentucky Warbler,Killdeer,Least Flycatcher,Louisiana Waterthrush,Mallard,Magnolia Warbler,Merlin,Mourning Dove,Mourning Warbler,Mute Swan,Myrtle Warbler,Nashville Warbler,Northern Bobwhite,Northern Cardinal,Northern Flicker,Northern Harrier,Northern Mockingbird,Northern Parula,Northern Waterthrush,Northern Rough-winged Swallow,Orchard Oriole,Osprey,Ovenbird,Palm Warbler,Pine Siskin,Pine Warbler,Pileated Woodpecker,Prairie Warbler,Purple Finch,Rose-breasted Grosbeak,Red-breasted Nuthatch,Red-bellied Woodpecker,Ruby-crowned Kinglet,Red Crossbill,Red-eyed Vireo,Red-headed Woodpecker,Rock Pigeon,Red-shouldered Hawk,Red-tailed Hawk,Ruby-throated Hummingbird,Ruffed Grouse,Red-winged Blackbird,Savannah Sparrow,Slate-colored Junco,Scarlet Tanager,Snowy Egret,Solitary Sandpiper,Song Sparrow,Solitary Vireo,Spruce Grouse,Spotted Sandpiper,Sharp-shinned Hawk,Swamp Sparrow,Swainson's Thrush,Townsend's Warbler,Tree Swallow,Tufted Titmouse,Turkey Vulture,Unid. Accipiter Hawk,Unid. Bird,Unidentified Gull,Unid. Hawk,Unid. Woodpecker,Veery,Vesper Sparrow,Warbling Vireo,White-breasted Nuthatch,Worm-eating Warbler,Willow Flycatcher,Wilson's Snipe,Wild Turkey,Winter Wren,Wood Duck,Wood Thrush,White-throated Sparrow,White-winged Crossbill,Yellow-billed Cuckoo,Yellow-bellied Flycatcher,Yellow-bellied Sapsucker,Yellow-rumped Warbler,Yellow-shafted Flicker,Yellow-throated Vireo,Yellow Warbler,Ground Squirrels,Chipmunk,North American Porcupine,Squirrel sp.,unid. Red Crossbill / White-winged Crossbill,Red Squirrel,Eastern Gray Squirrel ,
Species Seen 166
spatial { "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [ [ [ -74.5438397, 40.7591687 ], [ -74.5438397, 44.403599 ], [ -68.0672084191, 44.403599 ], [ -68.0672084191, 40.7591687 ], [ -74.5438397, 40.7591687 ] ] ] }