Project description: Avian dataset from a synergistic study assessing the impacts of fire on a riparian system which has been restored towards a Stage Zero state and its surrounding area. The spot monitoring dataset from the upper reach provides an unrestored comparison to data from the lower reach which has been restored towards a Stage Zero State. This lower reach has been hypothesised to bounce back quicker from fire due to its higher water table and wetland systems. Part of a NERC funded Synergistic Fire and Floodplain solutions project (NE/V021443/1).

Contact person: Sam Valman Samuel.valman@nottingham.ac.uk

Field protocols:

  • Ralph, C. J., G. R. Geupel, P. Pyle, T. E. Martin, and D. F. DeSante. 1993. Handbook of field methods for monitoring landbirds. General Technical Report PSW-GTR-144. Pacific Southwest Research Station, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Albany, California.

  • Stephens, J. L., S. R. Mohren, J. D. Alexander, D. A. Sarr, and K. M. Irvine. 2010. Klamath Network Landbird Monitoring Protocol. Natural Resource Report NPS/KLMN/NRR—2010/187. National Park Service, Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Other links: www.StageZeroRiverRestoration.com http://gotw.nerc.ac.uk/list_full.asp?pcode=NE%2FV021443%2F1

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