Landbird Survey

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Additional Information

Author Jaclyn Johnson
Maintainer Point Blue Conservation Science
Last Updated February 28, 2021, 04:49 (PST)
Created March 12, 2018, 16:13 (PDT)
Birds Counted 1801
First Observation Date 2004-05-25
Most Recent Observation Date 2005-06-04
Records at Data Sharing AVAILABLE Level 5 1172
Species List Acadian Flycatcher,American Crow,American Goldfinch,American Woodcock,Barred Owl,Barn Swallow,Blue-gray Gnatcatcher,Brown-headed Cowbird,Blue Grosbeak,Blue Jay,Black Tern,Black-necked Stilt,Carolina Chickadee,Canada Goose,Carolina Wren,Chimney Swift,Common Grackle,Common Yellowthroat,Double-crested Cormorant,Dickcissel,Downy Woodpecker,Eastern Kingbird,Eastern Meadowlark,Eastern Phoebe,Eastern Towhee,Eastern Wood-Pewee,European Starling,Fish Crow,Field Sparrow,Great Blue Heron,Great Crested Flycatcher,Great Egret,Green Heron,Hairy Woodpecker,Horned Lark,Indigo Bunting,Kentucky Warbler,Killdeer,Little Blue Heron,Least Tern,Mallard,Mississippi Kite,Mourning Dove,Northern Bobwhite,Northern Cardinal,Northern Parula,Orchard Oriole,Pileated Woodpecker,Prothonotary Warbler,Purple Martin,Red-bellied Woodpecker,Red-eyed Vireo,Red-headed Woodpecker,Rock Pigeon,Red-shouldered Hawk,Red-tailed Hawk,Ruby-throated Hummingbird,Red-winged Blackbird,Summer Tanager,Tufted Titmouse,White-breasted Nuthatch,White-eyed Vireo,Wood Duck,Wood Thrush,Yellow-breasted Chat,Yellow-billed Cuckoo,Yellow-crowned Night-Heron,
Species Seen 67
spatial { "type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [ [ [ -90.252899, 35.19772 ], [ -90.252899, 35.367136 ], [ -90.1127, 35.367136 ], [ -90.1127, 35.19772 ], [ -90.252899, 35.19772 ] ] ] }