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1) Choose a topic.
Flooding shows the innundation due to SLR, waves, and storm surge.
Wave Height shows how high the waves are coming to shore.
Current shows the velocity of the ocean waters in a scenario.
Duration shows how much time flooding lasts in a tidal day.
Flood Potential shows the range of possible flooding for a scenario.
2) Choose an Amount of Sea Level Rise (cmft).
3) Choose an Event
Storm Scenario Frequency

Or Choose
SF Bay King Tide Scenario
4) Choose Shoreline Change
(Southern California only)
And Choose
Management Options
"Hold the Line"
Beach nourishment

Turn on "Hold The Line Assumptions" below to see what influences these management options. For Shoreline Position, the yellow line indicates the landward limit of shoreline erosion. For Cliff Retreat, the black dashed line indicates where coastal armoring slows cliff retreat.
5) Choose other layers
to view with
topic data.
 "Hold the Line" Assumptions
 Digital Elev Model (DEM)
 Piers, Jetties & Channels
 Land Use
 Protected Areas
 Rivers & Streams
 Roads & Transportation
 Utilities & Services
Regional Projects
 Russian River
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