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Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey

Survey and data entry protocols, datasheets, trainings, and other resources including data entry are shared with the Migratory Shorebird Project website that is available in english and spanish.

Video: survey protocol and datasheet review click here

Video: shorebird counting tips and techniques click here 

Shorebird identification review click here

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Survey Unit Maps 

Central Valley (CVSS)

Map of all sampled quadrants

RT01 south of Willows, CA.

RT02 north and east of Willows, CA.

RT03 east of Willows, CA.

RT04 west of Princeton, CA.

RT05 north of Maxwell, CA.

RT06 between Princeton and Colusa, CA.

RT07 north of Colusa, CA.

RT08 south and east of Maxwell, CA.

RT09 north of Colusa, CA.

RT10 east of Williams, CA.

RT11 north of Butte City, CA.

RT12 between Yuba City and Chico, CA.

RT13 north of Butte City, CA.

RT14 north of Gridley, CA.

RT15 northwest of Gridley, CA.

RT16 west of Gridley and Biggs, CA.

RT17 north of Marysville, CA.

RT18 near the town of Sutter, CA.

RT19 west of Yuba City, CA.

RT20 south of Arbuckle, CA.

RT21 north of Robbins, CA.

RT22 east of Hershey, CA

RT23 east of Robbins, CA.

RT24 east of Nicolaus, CA.

RT25 north of Sacramento International Airport.

RT26 between Willows and Maxwell, CA.

RT27 south of Yuba City, CA.

RT28 north of Sacramento, CA.

RT29 Conaway Ranch

RT30 Yolo Wildlife Area

RT31 west of Lodi, CA.

RT32 northwest of Lodi, CA.

RT33 southeast of Los Banos, CA.

RT34 east of Gustine, CA.

RT35 Bouldin Island

Route SFC north of Los Banos, CA.

Route K north of Los Banos, CA.

Route SGC south of Los Banos, CA.