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Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey


Survey and data entry protocols, datasheets, trainings, and other resources including data entry are shared with the Migratory Shorebird Project website that is available in english and spanish.

San Diego Shorebird Survey (SDSS)

Washington and Oregon Region

Grays Harbor (GHSS)

Willapa Bay (WBSS)

Columbia River (CRESS)

Coos Bay (CBSS)

Airport Island

Bastendorf Beach

Casino Islands


East Bay by Boat

East Bay Drive

Fossil Point to Sitkum Dock

Hayes Inlet

Hollering Place


North Spit 4x4 (2 separate routes, Bay and Beach)

North Spit Other

Pony Slough

Red Dyke Road

Sitkum Docks to Wastewater Treatment