Habitat Management 

California Sagebrush Bird Conservation Plan

California Partners In Flight This plan has been prepared to stimulate and support an active approach to conservation of landbird populations that depend on sagebrush habitats in eastern California. It represents a synthesis of published and unpublished information on birds in the region, the ecology of sagebrush systems, and conservation planning. Recommendations included in this document are intended to guide planning efforts and actions of land managers, expenditures of government and non-government organizations, and stimulate monitoring and research to support the conservation of landbirds.


CalPIF (California Partners in Flight). 2005. Version 1.0. The sagebrush bird conservation plan: a strategy for protecting and managing sagebrush habitats and associated birds in California. PRBO Conservation Science, Stinson Beach, CA. http://www.prbo.org/calpif/plans.html


Complete details about this conservation plan can be found here.