The AKN is bringing together bird-monitoring (point-count, area search, distance sampling, transect sampling, nest success), bird-banding, and broad-scale citizen-based bird-surveillance data. All these observational data are unified within a distributed information architecture (the AKN nodes) that is constantly expanding.

Data access and data security. Every record in the AKN is assigned a data access level and is governed by a data sharing policy. The data owner (the person or institution contributing the dataset) determines the access level and provides the data sharing policy. That is, the data owner is in full control of how the data are discovered, viewed, and shared.

Contributing data. Data are contributed to the AKN by registering for an AKN account. Click My EADC to get started. Please read more by visiting the Add Your Data page.

Getting data. AKN data are provided through websites like the Eastern Avian Data Center designed and maintained by AKN nodes. Navigate to the Use The Data page for more information about accessing AKN data within the Eastern United States and Caribbean. If you are interested in data outside this region, then visit the appropriate node or click the "Contact us" link at the bottom of this page.

In order to maintain the distributed structure and sharing of data among nodes, the AKN has developed a very successful format to transfer the data - the Bird Monitoring Data Exchange (BMDE) schema. The BMDE also serves as a description standard, so that all important bird monitoring data concepts are defined in the BMDE.