Activity and Species-specific Beneficial Practices

During the project impact analysis process, developers should identify project-related impacts to migratory birds and the beneficial practices that will be used to mitigate them. Under the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) framework, mitigation measures (conservation measures) may fall into at least one of 5 categories.  Each category manages the level of impact to birds from a specific project or activity differently, and attempts should be made to avoid and minimize to the maximum extent practicable before advancing to restoration or compensation options. A given mitigation measure may:

  1. Avoid the production of a stressor/impact to birds altogether by not taking a certain action;
  2. Minimize the exposure of birds and their resources to project-related stressors by limiting the degree or magnitude of the action and its implementation;
  3. Rectify the effects of an impact by repairing, rehabilitating, or restoring the affected environment;
  4. Reduce or eliminate the stressor/impact over time; or
  5. Compensate for the impact by replacing or providing substitute resources or environments.

Practices may either be in the form of ecological or habitat-based measures (those that are aimed specifically at conserving or compensating for impacts to bird habitat) or avian mortality-based (those that are specifically aimed at reducing sources of direct mortality to birds).

To view the latest list of best available measures for birds, please visit the Beneficial Practices page of the AKN.

Conservation Plans

Conservation plans are often developed by partnerships between conservation organizations and document bird status and conservation strategies in order to remedy or prevent decline of species. These plans should be consulted when conducting a large-scale conservation initiative for a particular species in order to ascertain the best strategies for approaching this. These plans provide a wealth of science-based information and recommendations for multi-scale planning for bird conservation that can be helpful when information about bird status and recommended conservation measures are needed.

To view the latest conservation plans for birds, please visit the Conservation Plans page of the AKN.