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Environmental Change Network
Monitoring to guide and prioritize conservation


Welcome to the California Landscape Conservation Cooperative's Environmental Change Network website.

Here you will find information on an emerging effort to establish a network of environmental monitoring stations within the boundaries of the California LCC (jpg). Users of this LCC Environmental Change Network (ECN)-specific web portal can view predicted distributional changes in landbird, habitat, and climate under future climate conditions and find out general information on the progress and evolution of the network. Register with the ECN to gain access to our downloadable map data.

Interactive Map Modeling Bird Distribution Responses to Climate Change

Using climate models and multi-source bird data from the Avian Knowledge Network, this set of maps predict current and future species distributions for nearly 200 species.

Interactive Map Modeling Areas of Greatest Climate Change

Among the available maps here are maps which display the magnitude of projected future climate change. The magnitude of climate change is calculated using the standardized Euclidean distance formula. Maps predicting species richness are also available for a number of different species predicted to occur at a location. Maps show the projected species richness under current climate and two models of future climate conditions.

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