Partners and Funders

point blue Point Blue Conservation Science is dedicated to conserving birds, other wildlife and ecosystems through innovative scientific research and outreach. Founded as Point Reyes Bird Observatory in 1965, our award-winning bird ecology research, management tools and field training programs are advancing biodiversity conservation on land and at sea. Birds are excellent indicators of environmental health. Relatively inexpensive to monitor and widely distributed, birds serve as ideal proxies for the ecosystems they inhabit.
usgs The Klamath Bird Observatory advances bird and habitat conservation through science, education, and partnerships. Our work focuses in the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion of southern Oregon and northern California, and extends throughout the western United States and beyond to impact conservation across the Americas. Sound science, with an emphasis on bird monitoring and applied research, forms the core of our programs. Central to our approach are collaborations among scientists, decision makers, and educators that enhance the use of bird monitoring within the adaptive management framework by assuring scientific results target and inform the specific decisions natural resource managers face. Also, recognizing that conservation occurs across many fronts, we nurture an environmental ethic in our communities and the next generation through our outreach activities and educational programs.
noaa American Bird Conservancy (ABC) is a non-profit membership organization with the mission of conserving native birds and their habitats throughout the Americas. ABC’s focus is on threats to birds in the western hemisphere—threats which include overuse of pesticides, urban sprawl, habitat destruction, and invasive species.
nerrs The North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative (NPLCC) is a shared management-science partnership between the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the United States Geological Survey, states, and British Columbia, Canadian and federal resource management agencies, tribes, NGOs, universities and other entities within a geographic area.
nplcc The Avian Knowledge Network Nothwest advances bird and habitat conservation in the Americas through science, education, and partnerships. It conducts scientific studies to monitor and inventory populations, contributing towards the Partners In Flight International Bird Conservation Program’s efforts to keep common birds common. Working in the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion of southern Oregon and northern California, and beyond, we provide information to help federal, state, and local land managers better protect and enhance bird populations and their habitats.

Additional data providers

National Park Service, Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, Redwood Sciences Lab, Portland Audubon, The Nature Conservancy, U.S Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Geological Survey, U.S Forest Service, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Defense – Joint base Lewis-McChord, City of Portland Environmental Services, Karen Viste-Sparkman (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)