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Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey

"A network of volunteers and biologists monitoring shorebird populations across the Pacific Flyway."

The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey and the Migratory Shorebird Project combine to monitor populations of migratory shorebirds across all 13 countries of the Pacific coast of the Americas. Use the Explore data tab above to see survey locations and preview results.

Shorebird survey protocols, trainings, datasheets, and data entry applications are available in English and Spanish.

What's new?

Help us count shorebirds! We need eager volunteers. See the Volunteer tab for who to contact about participation.

What is The Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey?
A long-term monitoring program, led by Point Blue Conservation Science, that is designed to guide the management and conservation of wintering shorebirds. A vast network of volunteers and professional biologists combine to conduct a survey that provides a snapshot of the Pacific Flyway every year.

What about the Data?
Data available online here: Explore Data. Data are stored in the California Avian Data Center. This cross-organizational database is hosted by Point Blue and provides a secure, well-tested platform for storing, managing, analyzing, and visualizing ecological monitoring data.