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Explore Bird Abundance and Distribution in Aspen Habitat

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This website, hosted by the California Avian Data Center (CADC) at Point Blue Conservation Science, will give users quick and easy access to data generated by multiple aspen avian monitoring projects across the Sierra Nevada.

This project began in 2004 on the Lassen National Forest, and in 2010 Point Blue initiated a similar study on the Inyo National Forest. In addition, between 1997 and 2006 Point Blue monitored birds in aspen habitats across the Eastern Sierra Nevada. The primary objectives are to evaluate aspen restoration treatments by monitoring the response of a suite of bird species, and then to use this knowledge to guide adaptive management. In the Sierra Nevada the restoration and management of aspen habitat has become a priority for land managers. These habitats can support a rich and abundant avian community, and by many accounts Aspen is the single most species-rich avian habitat in the Sierra Nevada.

Data from the most recent field season are incorporated within several months of it being collected. The analyses and output that are available include:

These analyses can be generated at targeted study areas of interest from any of our meadow sampling locations throughout the Sierra Nevada. To get started, please select either the Explore Project Results or View Study Locations tabs above and follow the step-by-step instructions.