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The Sierra Nevada Avian Monitoring Information Network (SNAMIN) is an interactive website intended for use by natural resource managers and other stakeholders across the Sierra Nevada to help inform adaptive management decisions. This site provides easy access to avian monitoring data from across the Sierra Nevada, allowing users to quickly and easily generate summary, abundance, occupancy, and species richness analyses for over 100 bird species. Results can be generated from the scale of individual transects, to sets of multiple transects within forest service ranger districts, National Forests, or the entire bioregion.


PRBO Sierra Nevada Management Indicator Species


Bioregional Management Indicator Species

Explore Bird Abundance and Distribution across the Sierra Nevada Bioregion


Sierra Nevada Aspen Habitat

Explore Bird Abundance and Distribution in Aspen Habitat


Northern Sierra Fuels Treatment Monitoring

Explore Bird Abundance and Distribution in Fuels Reduction Treatments and Adjacent Reference areas


Sierra Nevada Post-Fire Habitat

Explore Bird Abundance and Distribution in areas affected by Wildfire


Sierra Nevada Mountain Meadow Habitat

Explore Bird Abundance and Distribution in Meadows

There are mapping tools for visualizing the spatial distribution of survey locations and presence/absence of species at those locations and links to raw data. As new data are collected they are made available on the website within a few months. Currently SNAMIN provides access to data from multiple Point Blue avian monitoring projects including: Sierra-wide bioregional Management Indicator Species (MIS) project targeting the habitats of Hairy Woodpecker, Mountain Quail, Fox Sparrow, and Yellow Warbler; as well as aspen, meadow, and fuels treatment monitoring projects in the Northern Sierra. In addition, SNAMIN provides access to Sierra Nevada relevant avian monitoring resources including recent publications, reports, and white papers.

Point Blue Sierra Group Resources

Bioregional Monitoring

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Aspen Enhancement

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Fuels Treatments

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Post-Fire Habitat

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Mountain Meadows


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Contact Ryan Burnett: rburnett@prbo.org or L. Jay Roberts: ljroberts@prbo.org for additional information.