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Welcome to Point Blue's Sierra Nevada Management Indicator Species (SNMIS) Project online data exploration tool

This website, hosted by the California Avian Data Center (CADC) at Point Blue Conservation Science, will allow users to quickly and easily access data generated by the Sierra Nevada Management Indicator Species (SNMIS) project currently being implemented by Point Blue. We have provided links to download our field survey locations and raw data, plus analyses that provide tables, graphs, and maps of data from over 100,000 species occurrence records from over 2,000 point count locations across the Sierra Nevada region.

The results of our first two field seasons (2009-2010) are available. The analyses and output that are available include: locations viewable on a map or in raw formats, effort and sample summaries, abundance estimates, species richness, and occupancy. These analyses can be generated at targeted study areas of interest from the entire Sierra Nevada bioregion down to the Forest District level. You can also download raw data and conduct analyses for yourself. Because we currently have only two years of results available, the trend estimates are not reliable. To get started, please select either the Explore Project Results or Get Study Locations tabs above and follow the step-by-step instructions.

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