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California eBird data exploration tools

Six easy ways to access CADC data

1) Download raw data using CADC Data Download Tools.

2) Map Based Avian Data Summaries:

Access to summaries of all publicly available avian data (including eBird and USGS's Breeding Bird Survey) hosted by CADC. Survey effort, species lists, detection numbers, trends in density and species richness and more!

3) California Partners in Flight Maps:

Interactive Maps provide access to study area metadata, current breeding status, and breeding species richness collected through California Partners in Flight, along with historic range maps when available.

4) Avian Data Histograms:

Shows timing and likelihood of occurrence of all bird species in California based on all available observations.

5) Download data about California bird observations from the Avian Knowledge Network.

6) Become a CADC partner - contact us to request personalized access to data entry/query/visualization resources.

Data Sharing Agreements

Users downloading Point Blue Conservation Science data, please review their data sharing policy. Please see the About page for details on Recommended Citations.