Welcome to MyCADC, a place where you can contribute, store, manage, and analyze data for individual projects. Please choose from one of the options below.

I want to log into my MyCADC account

MyCADC provides many Online Data Entry and Analysis Tools. Click here to access these tools

New Registration: I want to join a project and I don't have a MyCADC account

Registering for an account with MyCADC will allow you to enter and access data for a specific project. The registration form will ask you to provide the 3-6 letter project code for the project you want to join. Please contact the project leader to get the 3-6 letter project code before you register. Click here to register

I have a MyCADC account, but I need to join another project

If you already have a MyCADC account, but need to get access to another project, click here to contact the project leader about joining their project. You will need to know the 3-6 letter code identifying the project you wish to join.

I’m interested in setting up a new project in MyCADC

Adding your project to MyCADC has many benefits, including online entry and management of data, analytical tools, and management of researcher access. If you would like to set up a new project within MyCADC or have questions about how MyCADC works, please contact us at directly at

If you've used Point Blue's online data entry tools before 2009, Click here to use the older online Data Entry Tools (pre-2009).
NOTE: You can still download and query data entered in the old system, but you will have to use the new tools to enter new observations. To make use of the newer tools, please register for a new account. All data entered in our old system have been migrated, but we apologize for being unable to migrate your user account.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact the CADC webteam at (