Point Blue Conservation Science 

Point Blue Conservation Science



Point Blue Conservation Science is dedicated to conserving birds, other wildlife and ecosystems through innovative scientific research and outreach.

Background and Accomplishments

Founded as Point Reyes Bird Observatory in 1965, our award-winning bird ecology research, management tools and field training programs are advancing biodiversity conservation on land and at sea. Birds are excellent indicators of environmental health. Relatively inexpensive to monitor and widely distributed, birds serve as ideal proxies for the ecosystems they inhabit.

Through science, partnerships and outreach, Point Blue’s 140 scientists work to maximize nature’s benefits for wildlife and people in our rapidly changing world.

Point Blue has catalyzed the development of some of the most innovative conservation partnerships and decision support tools in the nation. Major conservation initiatives are achieving more effective outcomes as a result of Point Blue’s innovative science, training and outreach.

Working in partnership with wildlife and habitat management agencies, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, private landowners, fisheries and others, our award-winning science advances win-win solutions to today’s conservation challenges.

Point Blue helps to ensure that every dollar invested in conservation yields the most for biodiversity- benefiting our environment, our economy and our communities!

In recognition of our accomplishments and outstanding contributions to environmental conservation in California, Senator Barbara Boxer awarded Point Blue with a Conservation Champion Award in 2006. Point Blue was honored with the Partners In Flight “Leadership Award” from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the national “Conservation Partner Award” from the USDA Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management.


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