Acquire Data

Retrieve North American Breeding Bird Survey Data Here.

Retrieve eBird Data Here.

For all other data, please follow this simple, step-by-step process:

1) Clearly state your question or study objective (i.e., species, location, timeframe, type of data). Send your request to your MWADC representative (

2) Discover which datasets are available within MWADC that are relevant to your question. You can either use existing node tools or contact your MWADC representative ( for this step.

3) Familiarize yourself with our data sharing policy and data access levels. You will be asked to acknowledge that you have read and will adhere to these.

4) Data that are set to access level 5 will be automatically sent to you. Data that are set at a more restrictive level will require an extra step to obtain permission from the data owner. We will assist you with this step.

5) In the meantime, become a MyMWADC partner so you are ready to access (download, query) datasets once you are given permission.

6) Once you are granted the proper permissions, queried data will be sent to you, or you may obtain access to the entire dataset.

Note - this process can take 1-2 weeks. Obtaining permission from data owners can be the most time-consuming step.