Midwest Avian Data Center User's Guide (Version 2.0) (click to download)

In this brief user’s guide, we describe data management and decision support tools offered by MWADC. We also provide an overview of links to outside resources. These tools are designed to manage and analyze bird monitoring data in support of avian conservation and management decisions. There is an emphasis on data management procedures which are typically needed for long-term monitoring programs. In addition to data management, we also review some exciting new decision support tools hosted on the MWADC site.

AKN Point Count and Marshbird User Guidance Manual

Use the following link to download the training manual, for use with the Biologists and Project Leader applications, specifically for the Marshbird and Landbird Point Count bird monitoring protocols:


Discover protocols that are widely used throughout the Midwest region and can be incorporated (most already are) in the Midwest Avian Data Center.

Monitoring Recommendations

Data should be collected with specific objectives in mind, and we provide information and recommendations about bird monitoring data collection.

Training Materials

Learn about upcoming training opportunities (workshops and webinars) or access archived and web-based training materials.

Partnering for Birds

Discover or join several successful Midwest bird conservation partnerships.