Add/Manage Your Data in MWADC

Currently, there are two mechanisms for contributing data to the Midwest Avian Data Center:

Bulk Upload:  Data can be added to MWADC through a bulk upload request (may require fee for service).  To initiate this process or obtain a cost estimate, send an email to  Please include the following information about your dataset:  Project Name, Duration (e.g., 2010-2014), Location, Objective(s), Protocol(s) Used, Number of Observations (rough estimate if many), and Data Owner(s).  (In the near future, a Bulk Uploader application will be available to assist data owners with formatting and uploading entire datasets.)

Entering Your Data Online: You can also enter your data individually (free of charge) using the MyMWADC data management system following these simple steps:

  • Prior to adding your data to MWADC, you must first register for an account.
  • Download, fill out, and email this form to  
  • Once we create a new warehouse for your project, you can use the MyMWADC data management system to define and populate your project with data!