MyMWADC Data Management System

MyMWADC is a web-based data management system that can accomodate the needs of avian monitoring projects over a wide range of scales. Monitoring data throughout MyMWADC are organized by project. Each project should be associated with one or more monitoring protocols. New users will need to work with MWADC staff to identify whether site archives already contain the necessary protocols or if new ones need to be submitted.

The MyMWADC data system includes three components: users, roles and projects. Users can be assigned to different roles and to multiple projects.

  • The Project Leader role allows the user to define sampling units and manage permissions for others to access projects owned by the user.
  • Biologist allows the user to browse sampling units and to enter observation data.
  • The Analyst role provides tools for retrieving and analyzing observation data.

For step-by-step instructions on the MyMWADC Data Management system, visit our AKN User Guides page.